Competitive Advantage

Proprietary Gum Base

We use a proprietary gum base that has been designed and manufactured by a world class team of expert designers and production operators in the field. This gum base has been utilized over the past 95 years and continues to be developed and perfected.


We use only premium ingredients and technology in the creation of our products, the gum base being a crucial component because

  • Key factor leading to a positive user experience

  • The most complex component in chewing gum

  • Must support a mix of different ingredients and can be sensitive to active substances 

Active Substance Inclusion

The most important benefit to inclusion of active substances in chewing gum is that active substances can be absorbed buccally via the oral mucosa - the thin membrane lining inside of the mouth. This method of delivery provides systemic absorption, enabling rapid and more complete absorption of the active ingredients. 

In addition to our current products we are developing and testing the following applications of our performance gums:

  • Men's  Health  

  • Immune Boost -Vitamin  

  • Stress Reduction - Anti Anxiety 

  • Bone Health - Nutrient Delivery

  • Oral Care Line - Gum Health

  • Skin Care Line - Acne Control 

  • Anti-Inflammation

  • Pain Management

  • Anti-Seizure

  • PSTD

  • Weight Management