Palm Beach Gardens, Florida: X8 Energy Gum welcomes our endurance athletes: Runners, Marathoners and Tri-Athletes to the X8 Brands family!

Since 2012, X8 Energy Gum founder, Robert DiMarco, has taken an organic approach to marketing his all natural, performance gum. Since its inception, the serial entrepreneur promoted it to the extreme athletes, the weekend warriors and anyone in-between. 

Initially, his customers were extreme athletes who wanted the quick energy without having to consume those sugary power drinks.  Then X8 got lots of attention from students who liked the pure boost and increased clarity. Later, X8 was saw feedback from Moms who wanted all the benefits of coffee without the giant price tag and calories of those specialty drinks.

Enjoying the success of his gum, Robert and his team met to discuss “Who else would benefit from our product?” The answer came to them, organically and almost as naturally as his gum.  His then copywriter and now VP of Operations, Maruchy Lachance, began bringing samples of the gum to her 5k, half, full marathons and triathlons. The endurance athletes immediately saw the potential to this seemingly simple yet effective product and began using it in place of the gooey and less effective alternatives.

X8 Energy specialized formula has a special blend of ingredients that make this “energy gum” the perfect partner for athletes that want a pre-workout, endurance enhancer and recovery aid all in a quick acting, convenient gum.  

Today research supports what the founders of X8 Energy Gum knew when they first developed their gum.  That the blend of caffeine, amino acids and B Vitamins are the healthy way to prepare the body for a workout, sustain the necessary energy to complete it and then benefit from the restorative properties to help with recovery.

The fact that these ingredients are blended exclusively to get results is important but X8 Energy Gum wants to tell you about the other reason their product is so powerful: the patented delivery system. Using a gum versus a drink, a gel or jellies allows for the active ingredients to be absorbed through the cheeks and gums for almost immediate effectiveness. While other products go through the digestive system, our gum is working fast, clean and efficiently to allow you to get started when you’re ready.

We are proud of our product and thank our original customers for their loyalty, and welcome our new ones. We look forward to seeing you at events across the country as we continue to promote our XLR8-ing X8 Energy Gum to YOU!

Posted on October 31, 2014 .