X8 Brands Nutraceutical Line that includes X8 Energy Gum and CévaSlim Chewing Gum with Appetite and Craving Control

We're more than just a performance, delicious-flavored chewing gum. Developed over the last decade, this is a new, patented multi-layered compressed technology designed to deliver active ingredients fully and fast into the body. Compressed Chewing Gum is not a  “bubble gum” or “confectionery” but an easy, patient-friendly, highly reliable delivery system.

We use this innovative technology to supply world class nutraceutical chewing gum products that are both effective and consumer-friendly.

Our formulations are brought to a powder based that consists of our proprietary gum base and active substances such as sweeteners, flavors and color.

The benefits of using the “Direct Compression Tableting Process” is the ability to separate active substances in different layers to provide:

  • Time-Release: Able to release different active substances at varying rates

  • Patient-Friendly with Long-lasting flavor in a chewable gum

  • Suitable for moisture and heat sensitive active substances

  • Simple manufacturing process